10 Simple Strategies to Grow your Mailing List of Recipients

  • Oct 19,2015

One of the most serious tasks that a marketer faces is to grow and maintain a healthy, active and engaging list of recipients for his email newsletter. As time passes, mailing lists seem to downsize. Buying an email list of recipients is not an answer to the problem as it increases the possibilities of you being blacklisted. You surely don’t need any more headaches, do you? So let’s see what you can do to grow an email list from scratch, or to freshen-up your mailing list with new recipients that opt-in to receive your newsletters.

1. Create a visible sign-up form in your website. It is considered as a top priority to make it easy for your customers to opt-in while visiting your web page. Moreover, you should consider placing this form in multiple positions in your site, both above and below the fold. Try to keep this sign-up form short and simple. Along the way, you will have the chance to gather more information on your subscribers.

2. Use a benefit-based call-to-action, by offering a product or a service related to your new customer acquisition series of offers. Is it a free download, a discount on their first purchase, a special discount while in-store, a service available to a “members-only” basis? Whatever it takes, as long as it is consistent with the golden rule of marketing: “What’s in it for me?” And make sure you emphasize that they sign up for free.

3. Capture new online visitors. Many online businesses use dynamic layers in the form of pop-ups, which are served to new visitors on site entry, to urge them to opt-in to their newsletter.

4. If you have a physical store, you can collect emails from customers while on the counter. In this case, make sure your sales staff explains what will be the use of the email address, and the frequency of the mailings. Do not forget to offer a benefit for signing-up, as explained before, right before invoicing the purchase.

5. Work on the content of your website and the news or offers you post. This way your subscribers might either forward your email to their friends or share it on their social networks, advertising your content on your behalf. This will probably end up in new people signing-in. Moreover, great content will narrow the possibilities of having too many people unsubscribing.

6. Use social media contests to gather email addresses.

Contests are a great way of succeeding this goal, as long as they are associated to a special offer, a clear benefit. Explain to those interested that in order to participate on the random draw for the prize they will simply need to join your mailing list and opt-in for your newsletter. And make sure your contests are easy to share, so many will know.

7. Add a custom tab on your facebook page with a “newsletter sign-up”.

This way your fans could sign-up for your email newsletter without leaving facebook.

8. Gather emails in exhibitions, tradeshows, conferences, webinars.

But once again, your employees should explain what will be the use of the email address, as well as the frequency of your newsletters. Make sure you send these contacts a welcome email that confirms their opt-in to your mailing list, after the event.

9. In case you give multiple services, or offer different products, make sure you let your subscribers opt-in to personalized content. A subscriber to an e-bookstore for example that may like to receive notifications on certain book categories, should have the chance to decide the content he wishes to sign-up for. Relevant content will make him more engaged with your brand.

10. Promote your sign-up form in all your promotional campaigns, advertising spots, banner ads, YouTube videos, company presentations.

These are only a few ideas on how you can grow your list of recipients, either you have just started out with email marketing, or you need some fresh contacts to replace those that unsubscribe or change addresses. Have in mind that quantity is not as important as quality. So test these various parameters, and focus on those that bring you the most valuable and engaged recipients, that will gradually convert from subscribers to leads and finally to happy customers.