Think out of the box!

  • Dec 17,2012

1st box: unique opens
2nd box: bounced e-mails
3rd box: links clicked
4th box: forwards
5th box: unsubscribed recipients

Well, is it time to think out of the box?

It was just about time you realised what on earth you can do with all this information floating around... Real e-mail marketing means you not only see the numbers, but take viral decisions depending on them.

Take your time and think about your marketing strategy. What will you do with those that repeatedly open and click your newsletter? They obviously show an interest to your brand, or to a specific product you offer, and this brings engagement and loyalty. Maybe a reminder, or a small present or a coupon every once in a while to those who have opened or clicked your newsletter the most? Clicking shows an interest. A marketer calls that "a lead". Perhaps a special campaign to those could end up in conversions and actual sales? Perhaps, but if you just read the number in the box, it will never happen...

Take your time and think which link is the most popular in your newsletter? Is it the one with the best title? Is it the first in the row? Perhaps you should place your strongest offer or a new product at the position you know it will bring smashing results and sales. Or, on the other hand, you can try a nice contest at the end of your newsletter, so that one has to read it all through to find the contest link. Meanwhile something else in the middle may attract his interest. Moreover, placing an ad at the most popular position will surely make your advertisers happy.

Take your time and think what you can do with those that never open your newsletters? Why wasting e-mail credits for those? List hygiene is one of the most important factors in email marketing success. All mailing lists need a refresh every once in a while. Do not be afraid to permanently delete those who are not useful for you. High numbers in a database look really significant, until you start to drill down and realize that performance is really the key. Do not forget: 20% of your customers bring 80% of your revenue.

Take your time and think of new offers that will interest only a portion of your list. Then try and make targeted campaigns, so that your emails are not annoying to the rest of your subscribers, for example only to men from a certain city who have opened your previous campaign.

Whatever it takes, but no more just numbers in the box.